Zodiac Hurricane 938i

The Zodiac Hurricane 938i is a versatile rigid inflatable boat (RIB) platform that can be utilized for any number of tasks from recreational diving and search and rescue to law enforcement and marine research work. Powered by twin inboard diesel engines with extended fuel tanks, the Zodiac Hurricane 938i can go the distance and get passengers to remote regions in search of the rare and unusual and do it rather fast. It’s water level fantail makes any operation a breeze and it’s open deck arrangement means the whole team and their gear can come along for the ride.

This model features 41 materials, many featuring high-resolution, hand painted textures and clocks in at right around 160k polys leaving ample room for additional models to flesh out your scene. Most textures are tiling in nature, so modifying them or replacing them with your own is pretty easy. Safety orange too crazy for you? As an added bonus you also get a second model in traditional Zodiac gray! The two models are supplied as a single textured .vob file that is compatible with Vue 6 and up. All previews are rendered in Vue 6 Infinite. Additional figures and accessories in artistic previews not included.

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