Starspeeder 1000

The StarSpeeder 1000 is a transport starship once operated by the interstellar spaceline, Star Tours, and the five other travel agencies that made up the Galactic Tourist Bureau in the Star Wars Universe. They could accommodate forty seated passengers and required a crew of only three to operate effectively. While all StarSpeeder 1000’s bore the Star Tours logo, the color and markings of an individual craft varied according to its destination.

We call it a low-poly model as it clocks in right around 23k polys give or take depending on your version of Vue, so you can easily add a bunch of these to a scene without much worry. This is a basic low-poly model with high-res textures, so it’s light on your scenes, but can still hold up even in relatively close renders. This model has no moving/operating parts, but the landing gear is separate and can be retracted or simply deleted for flying scenes. The main hull colors are all tiling, so you can change up the livery to your liking very easily.

This model is supplied as a single textured .vob file that is compatible with Vue 6 and up.

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