MD-902 Explorer Helicopter

Ideally suited for multi-mission capabilities ranging from VIP/passenger transport, emergency medical services, rescue/recovery to utility missions, the McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems MD 902 has a large cabin with sliding doors on each side, integrated safety features, reduced noise signature, and a no tail rotor (NOTAR) system. The MD 902 is certified for single-pilot operation under visual flight rules/visual meteorological conditions, and capable of operation under instrument flight rules. Powered by two dual redundant Pratt and Whitney-Canada Model 207E turboshaft engines, the MD 902 features a bearing-less, composite, fully-articulated main rotor system, and NOTAR anti-torque system, significantly improving safety and a major reduction in noise profile. With a top speed of 161 mph (259 km/h) and a
range of 349 miles (561 km), the MD 902 can not only go the distance, it can get there at a reasonably decent pace.

This model features 20 materials, many featuring high-resolution, hand painted textures and clocks in at right around 105k polys leaving ample room for additional models to flesh out your scene. Most textures are tiling in nature, so modifying or replacing them with your own is pretty easy making the model easily customizable. The four side doors and rear baggage door all include basic rigging to open, revealing a nicely detailed interior. The model comes with two sets of rotors – one still for parked scenes and then one with a fully rendered motion blur for in-flight scenes. Simply hide/delete the one you don’t want to use. The MD-902 Explorer Helicopter provided as a single fully textured .vob file that is compatible with Vue 6 and up. All previews are rendered in Vue 6 Infinite. Additional figures and accessories in artistic previews are not included.

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