Here we have collected a few of the more common questions we get relating to our models. Of course, if there is anything else you have questions about, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

When I load one of my purchased models, I get an error message that ‘xxxx’ texture is missing and it asks if I want to find it.

This is an unfortunate side effect of making our models available for as many versions of Vue as possible as we primarily convert and save our models using Vue 6. This version of Vue is going on nearly ten years old and there is a small glitch that keeps it looking for textures that were present during development, but were written over or deleted before saving. This doesn’t effect the model as all textures used are saved out with the .vob model, so just say no to all and all will be well. By the way, this doesn’t happen on all models as we do out best to remove the dev textures before bringing them into Vue, but undoubtedly some do get missed.

I used another 3D app – can I export the Vue 3D Models I purchase to another application?

Yes and no. Vue does provide export functionality, but it’s far from foolproof and since many of our textures are native to Vue, they would take considerable reworking to get ported over.

Can Vue 3D Models convert a model for me?

Um, no. Please see above. We make models for Vue and only Vue and converting our Vue assets over to some other format would be a rather tall order, so we suggest you enjoy using  them in Vue 🙂

Why do some textures look funky in my version of Vue?

e-on has made some minor changes to each version of Vue over the years that effects how textures are applied and rendered. This is especially apparent with tiling bitmap textures, so what looks perfect in one version of Vue may appear way to large, small or perhaps have too much bump. Short of preparing and saving out a version of each model for each version of Vue, there’s really not any way to handle this, so we will continue to supply our models for Vue 6 and up and allow users of later versions to adjust as needed to their liking.

When will I receive my purchased models?

Immediately! Upon successfully checking out and completing payment via PayPal, our site delivers your download links automatically – no waiting for someone to manually configure and email a link, just instant gratification!