Desert Oasis Resort


As an added bonus, you can delete the pool courtyard and replace it with a plane or a cube and the buildings become a nice backdrop for any number of renders.

Desert Oasis Resort is a complete exterior environment based on a typical Tuscan/Southwest-style resort property. Centered around a sparkling swimming pool in an open air courtyard, Desert Oasis Resort gives users a full 360° backdrop allowing for the camera angle from any spot. The pool deck is fully furnished with lounge chairs and seating areas and the detailed  corridors wrap around the lower level adding additional depth. There is also an upper deck area with room facades, some of which include interior illumination to add to the realism. The planter boxes are preloaded with 2D bushes that can easily be swapped out with more detailed Vue plants as needed. At the corners of the pool area are large ground planters, each containing a couple of simple Vue coconut trees which can also be swapped out for more detailed variants if desired. The entire scene comes pre-lit for nighttime scenes and the lights are each assigned a material making it easy to select all materials in a group to adjust only a specific set of lights.

At around 390k, this is a fairly low-poly model given the scale, so it’s fairly light on your scenes. Furthering the efficiency of the model, each of the four sides of the building are built as modules allowing them to be deleted as needed. Likewise, the furniture is also grouped in sections making it easy to delete any pieces that are perhaps out of view to free up some polygons. Almost all of the materials included are tiling, so you can easily customize them to your liking or swap them out altogether for a totally different look.

This model is supplied as a single textured .vob file that is compatible with Vue 6 and up. Additional figures and accessories shown for reference only and not included.

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