Chevy C-60 Wrecker

This classic heavy duty wrecker is based on the venerable 1966 Chevrolet C60 two ton chassis. While most wreckers have been replaced by modern day tow trucks, there are still plenty of these workhorses in service, but at small town garages or as backup units in larger tow operations. In addition to looking like it’s been rode hard and put away wet, this wrecker includes rigged front wheels, hood and doors allowing it to be posed as needed. Additional details include a modeled engine, interior and plenty of loose odds and ends as one might expect to see bouncing around the deck of the tow body on a well used wrecker.

This model features 70 custom materials, many featuring high-resolution, hand painted textures and clocks in at right around 120k polys leaving ample room for additional models to flesh out your scene. Most textures are tiling in nature, so modifying them or replacing them with your own is pretty easy. The model is supplied as a single textured .vob file that is compatible with Vue 6 and up. All previews are rendered in Vue 6 Infinite. Different versions of Vue may need to make slight adjustments to some materials as each version translates them slightly differently. Additional figures and accessories in artistic previews not included.

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